Follow Jesus ➟ Find Community ➠ Fulfill Purpose


You are called.  

We all share a desire to understand our purpose. Often people talk about their purpose with the word “Calling.”  Every person is called by God. And God uniquely designed you to express His calling.  

Whether you know exactly how God’s calling is meant to be expressed in your life, or you’re just beginning to seek his call on your life—this is the place for you. 

On Follow the Call, you’ll hear stories of people like you, find practical resources that help you discern your call, and grow in new spiritual practices.

But Follow the Call is about more than good information.

Learning to follow Jesus and His calling was always meant to happen in relationship with others. 

That’s why every student on Follow the Call is offered the opportunity to have intentional, mentoring relationships with experienced ministers in The Wesleyan Church.  

Everything on this journey begins with your ConnectorThey will be your guide on Follow the Call and walk with you through Quest—our practical, first resource for discerning your call. Then, you’ll be invited to grow deeper with the help of a long-term Mentor.

Your Journey

But what is a calling? What is my calling? How do I know? How do I fulfill it?

The Quest experience begins the journey of understanding how your gifts, passions, and experiences are all a part of the unique way God is calling you. 

Together with your Connecter, you'll experience fresh perspectives on Biblical characters who were called by Jesus, wrestle with real questions about their lives and your own, and begin to process how you are also invited to express God's calling!

Have you ever been told how important the Bible is but actually reading it leaves you more confused than before?  You're not alone.  

Reading the Bible for Regular People invites you to rediscover the Bible as so much more than a rule book or guidebook--but instead as The Story where we find our story

You’ll learn that we are often confused and disappointed because we read the Bible in pieces and by ourselves— when we should begin practicing new ways of reading the books of the Bible in context and in community!

There are thousands of teens just like you that sense a calling into full time ministry each year.

Each of you have a story, The Called Collective is here to help you develop that story. 

The Called Collective produces a series of podcasts that are all made to help you develop ministry skills, find confidence in your call, and help you grow in the Lord.  

Your Future

We know that following your call may take you to unexpected places. 

So here you’ll be able to learn about the places where you can develop your call. 

You can discover the unique pathway for you to follow your call into the future—like our camps and events near you, ministry opportunities, and our outstanding in-person and online Wesleyan Universities. 

Our journey at Follow the Call in 2024 is just beginning. 
There’s so much more on the horizon. Look for more resources, cohorts with other students, and exciting in-person events on the way!

Join Follow the Call.